November 1st: The Maverick

1 Nov

Portland State Music: 30 for the 30th

Name: Wendy Goodwin

Instrument: Violin

Student of Carol Sindell

M.M. Portland State University-2002

Putting Music Forward

The typical track for someone with advanced training in violin has historically been either playing in an orchestra or a teaching position at a school or college.  Wendy Goodwin’s entrepreneurial spirit, people skills and tenacity have allowed her to integrate her passion for music into an exciting artistic career.   Whether performing on a rafting trip in the Idaho wilderness for a group of retired Hollywood executives and actors, playing solo violin for a wedding reception in Tokyo, Japan or working with artists like Miss America 2002 Katie Harman, Portland piano icon Michael Allen Harrison, or numerous independent artists in Jazz, Country, Pop and Folk genres, Wendy’s joining of Classical, Jazz and Americana has taken her down a singular path.


Putting Skills to Work

Wendy  performs extensively with Windham Hill/Ark Music recording artists Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning. The trio’s 2010 Christmas album, Under the Wonder Sky has been featured on NPR and garnered praise from audiences and critics alike. Johnson, Dunning and Goodwin are members of Coram Deo Ensemble, an international chamber group that concertizes in both the United States and Europe. Since 2004, Wendy has presented an annual series of holiday concerts called Acoustic Christmas. The series features a string rich ensemble of violins, mandolin, guitar, piano, vocals, bass, and percussion and the music is entirely arranged by Goodwin and her fellow musicians.  A brand new live holiday album will be available at this year’s concert series in addition to Wendy’s recently released CD of original music entitled Place of Refuge.


Adding Something Unique

Wendy is the organizing force behind Effesenden Music, which has performed for literally hundreds of weddings and events all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  She has gathered a community of performing artists who pour their skills and artistry into the Effesenden sound.  The eclectic mix of styles in Effesenden reflect her own varied path.    Even ten years into the business, Wendy has not grown tired of providing the perfect soundtrack for couples to say “I do!”


What Did PSU Music Mean to You?

“I am thankful that my professors at Portland State were not just proficient teachers but true mentors.  Much goes into forging a music career beyond knowing one’s scales and I really benefited from the personalized attention and encouragement I was offered in spades.  It’s a double blessing to experience this kind of mentorship from individuals who don’t just talk about music but are exceptionally gifted and successful working professional musicians—educating not just by the books but by example.”


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