November 2nd: The Change Agent

2 Nov

Portland State Music: 30 for the 30th

Name: Laura Streib

Instrument: Oboe & English Horn

Student of Karen Strand

M.M. Portland State University-2006

Putting Music Forward

For some people, music is about bringing about change and even transformation in those around them.  Laura Streib is Founder and Director of Vibe of Portland, a non-profit whose mission is “Empowering Portland’s Youth through Art & Music.  At Vibe we believe that art and music can lift, inspire and beautify us all. This is why we provide an environment where Portland’s youth can discover, experience and learn about their own artistic passion.”


Putting Skills to Work

Laura started Vibe after receiving her Masters Degree in Music Performance at Portland State University.  Studying in downtown Portland she discovered the need for art and music within the schools in the Portland Metro area.  Vibe @ School programs have grown from 2 classes at Harrison Park in 2008 to  their current offering of 18 art and music classes at 6 sites in SE & NE Portland.  Vibe provides after school classes at Harrison Park, Bridger, Kelly, Scott, Creative Science School, and the Sunshine School. Other classes taught through Vibe by professional artists and musicians include Music Foundations, Art Foundations, Ceramics, Rhythms of the World, Beyond Guitar Hero, Song-writing, Ukulele, and Vibe Voices (choir). In recognition Laura’s  contribution to the larger Portland community she was awarded Willamette Week’s 2010 Skidmore Prize.


Adding Something Unique

In January of 2011, Vibe of Portland opened their Creative Outlet Art Studio in TaborSpace to “broaden the number of students to whom we can provide artistic experiences.” the Studio offers  classes to home school students, preschool students and general students on Saturdays as well as offering open studios and workshops.  In the Fall of 2011 Vibe partnered with Rodgers Instruments and Roland Pianos to open up PLAY music studio at TaborSpace to offer an affordable means to music education.  All classes are taught by local Portland artists and musicians as a way of connecting students to the larger artistic community within their own city.


What Did PSU Music Mean to You?

“I am grateful to PSU for the real world connections that bridge the school experience and the professional musician experience.  I feel that during my time at Portland State I made great professional connections that have been a huge asset for starting Vibe of Portland and as well as having performing and teaching opportunities in the community.”

Learn more about Vibe at


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