November 16th: The Entrepreneur

16 Nov

Portland State Music: 30 for the 30th

Name: Adam Fuderer

Instrument: Drums

Student of Ken Ollis

Minor in Music Portland State University-TBA

Putting Music Forward

It was the fall of 2006 and Adam Fuderer was almost done.  He had completed all the coursework for his music minor, and was eighteen credits shy of  completing his degree in Sociology.  He was playing drums in school ensembles and in The Murder Trio, a contemporary jazz group he started with fellow PSU students Kyle Williams and Sean Hudson.  Then he decided to open a pizza shop.  It was just supposed to be a side business he could do while finishing up school, but…

Putting Skills to Work

In fall 2006 Adam and his wife Ashley Berry, along with friend Rusty Johnson, started Hammy’s Pizza.  They thought they had a good idea.  Hammy’s would fill a hungry hole in late-night food choices.  Other local pizzerias did not deliver, or they did not deliver late enough.  As of 2010, Hammy’s was selling about 1,000 pies a week, nearly half of those on Friday and Saturday nights. The business started with five employees and now employs 25.  Hammy’s sales topped $1 million in 2010, twice what they started with.

In 2009,Adam and two partners opened  Slappy Cakes, a 2,400-square-foot restaurant Southeast Belmont Street, where you can cook your own griddle cakes at your table.  That restaurant has taken off as well. So much so that in April 2013, Slappy Cakes will open it’s second location– in Maui.  Plans are being developed for a third restaurant in Tokyo.  The newest Slappy Cakes will be located in the Shinjuku train station, in the heart of  Tokyo. With 3.6 million commuters every day Shinjuku is the busiest train station in the world.

Looks like Adam won’t be finishing those eighteen credits anytime soon.


Adding Something Unique

In  2007 Adam and Kyle Williams founded the music production company Retake Productions. Their goal is to create music that enhances and increased the public exposure of classic films. Retake strives to develop a symbiotic relationship between film and music through collaborations with Portland artists of different mediums.  Their music incorporates traditional, classical elements in juxtaposition with a modern, jazz/pop-based style.  Featuring a small ensemble that combines violin, cello, trumpet, guitar, bass and drum set, Retake creates music for and inspired by motion picture.

Their first project was an 80 minute score for the feature length silent film Nanook of the North, which debuted in 2007, Nanook was followed by Buñuel and Dalí’s surrealist short film Un Chien Andalou at the NW Film Center’s Reel Music Festival in 2009. Warriors of the Wasteland, a raunchy post-apocalyptic B movie was Retake’s first “talkie.” that is, the first film they’ve scored that has dialogue.  It’s debut performance presented by FILMMUSIK at Portland’s Holiywood Theater featured a group of voice and foley (sound effects) actors from the Willamette Radio Workshop, performing alongside the Retake ensemble

Retake’s latest production is an original score for the Charlie Chaplin classic Modern Times, which debuted in July 2012 to a sold out audience the Hollywood Theater.


What Has Your PSU Music Experience Meant to You?

“The lessons that I learned at Portland State University  jazz program I was able to apply to many other parts of my life and career after college.  Even after several years the teachers I learned from, relationships I made, and skills I acquired continue to bear fruit.  Whether you strive for a career in music (ha!) or not, I wholeheartedly recommend the Portland State Jazz Program to any aspiring music student that wants to be challenged and rewarded.”


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